Medical Bill Assistance


Alaska Medical Bill Assistance

Alaska is so vast that it can be difficult to reach organizations that can help with medical bills and low income healthcare services.

CCCS of Alaska can help you budget your medical bills so that you can find a way to repay your obligations along with your other bills.

You can get help with medical bills and credit cards through Vision Credit Education.

The State of Alaska sponsors Denali KidCare, which extends medical insurance benefits to children that are uninsured.

The SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) provides healthcare services to the homeless through its Front Street Clinic in Juneau.

Getting help from a local organization is often a better option since you can get face-to-face assistance. You can spread out all of your medical bills, collection letters and legal notices so that the counselor can determine exactly how serious your financial situation could be affected.

Of course, the challenge may include getting there. Depending on where in Alaska you live, simply getting there might be a hardship. Also, you can see that there are only a limited number of organizations available to help that maintain a presence in Alaska. For expanded options, you may need to look outside of your home state.

For example, certain companies specialize in detecting errors on medical bills. Such medical billing advocates are located across the country, but none are currently based in Alaska.

We hope that you are able to get help with your medical bills and future medical needs by contacting one of these organizations that serve Alaskans.