Medical Bill Assistance


Arizona Medical Bill Assistance

Your medical bills don't have to ruin your financial condition. You can get help with overdue medical bills right here in Arizona.

Medical billing advocates serving Arizona may be able to spot where you have been overcharged. Two companies are located in Prescott:

  • Advocate for Medical Bills, LLC, Call 888-711-4514
  • Medical Billing Advocate of Northern Arizona, Call 928-772-0815

You may get budgeting help by calling CCCS of Southwest at (866) 889-9347.

You may find help with both medical bills and credit card bills by contacting Personal Financial Network. Call (602) 476-1252.

The Native American Community Health Center provides services in Phoenix to residents that are low income or Native Americans. Call (602) 279-5262.

The Prescott Free Clinic serves low income residents in Prescott. Call (520) 776-9620.

Take control of your situation and do the best you can to manage your health and your healthcare bills.

The more recent your bills are, the more likely a credit counseling service can intervene. If you just received a bill for a medical procedure, then you may still be able to negotiate the actual charges.

For older bills, there may be a possibility of settlement of the debt. For medical bills totaling more than $50,000 you may wish to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer. That does not necessarily mean that you should file; rather you might need legal advice if you owe multiple consumer debts in addition to medical debt.