Medical Bill Assistance


Arkansas Medical Bill Assistance

Your community service organizations are prepared to help you deal with the stress of medical problems as well as the trauma of medical bills. Sometimes the bill can hurt worse than the treatment.

Getting your bills in order is one definite need if you are going to recover from your medical problems. You may need to pay for some services before those physicians will treat you again.

Sometimes a medical billing advocate can help you find overcharges in hospital bills.

These companies are very specialized, and there are not currently any located within Arkansas. You may however contact an out-of-state advocate.

Consider contacting a charitable or needs-based healthcare provider in Arkansas to help prevent further medical bills. Also, if you need direct assistance with medical bills and credit card debt, you may contact Vision Credit Education at (800) 379-4720.

Arkansas Medicaid provides assistance to low income families as well as to manage the ARKids First program. You may get more information at your local county office.

In Fayetteville you may inquire about free clinics provided by the Northwest Arkansas Free Health Center. Call (479) 444-7548.

The Charitable Christian Medical Clinic provides health services in Hot Springs on a sliding scale depending on your income. Call (501) 318-1153.

The Westside Free Medical Clinic provides services in Little Rock. Call (501) 664-0340 Ext. 356.

Just because you are facing a pile of medical bills does not mean that you have to do without future medical care. You can get the treatment you need.

Handling the medical bills can be tricky depending on your income and on how much you owe. There are many solutions that can be more effective than debt settlement or bankruptcy if you act soon enough.