Medical Bill Assistance


Colorado Medical Bill Assistance

Do not let medical bills control your life. You can receive help with your medical bills if you take action. These Colorado providers are ready to help you tackle your medical bills and get back on firm financial footing:

CCCS of Greater Denver can help you with your medical bills and they can even go as far as helping

with loans, credit card debt and housing problems. Call (866) 260-5994 for an appointment in Denver, Grand Junction, Highlands Ranch or Westminster.

There are several debt settlement companies that claim to help you settle medical bills. However, the fees they charge normally make such deals less than ideal. You can get help if you need to learn how to settle your own debt by calling a nonprofit credit counseling agency that serves Colorado.

There are for-profit companies that specialize in reviewing hospital bills for errors. These medical billing advocates are located in Colorado:

  • Highlands Ranch: Medical Billing Advocates of Colorado, Call 303-638-3754
  • Loveland: Medical Billing Advocacy of the Rockies, LLC, Call 970-663-1735

In order to prevent future medical bills, take advantage of programs that are geared toward low income families. For pregnant mothers, Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs can assist with prenatal education and pregnancy counseling.

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing provides Child Health Plan Plus programs and serves low-income families, including those with disabilities. Call (303) 866-2993.