Medical Bill Assistance


Delaware Medical Bill Assistance

When you are in debt up to your eyeballs and medical bills are piled on top, you might think that bankruptcy is the only option. While bankruptcy might be one option, you may have other possible actions that can help you recover from financial problems.

If you need help with medical bills specifically, then you should

consider contacting CCCS of Maryland & Delaware. With offices in both Dover and in Wilmington, you can get the local counseling assistance that you need. They can help you with budgeting and an action plan. You may call (800) 642-2227 to schedule a financial counseling session.

You can still get the healthcare you need from free or reduced cost clinics, even if you owe other physicians from previous visits. You can get help with future healthcare needs in order to lower your medical costs:

The Kent Community Health Center is managed by Delmarva Rural Ministries. They provide health services for families of modest incomes. Call (302) 678-2000 for the Dover clinic.

Nonprofit health clinics and nonprofit financial counseling organizations can help you get your finances on track, including your medical costs and your other financial needs. Consider taking advantage of these services in Delaware before contacting an out-of-state company that promises to help.