Medical Bill Assistance


Georgia Medical Bill Assistance

Medical bills can drag your family's budget through the ringer. You may have received several bills from different medical providers. Each one is asking you to make payments immediately.

If you feel like you cannot keep up, then you might benefit from

speaking with a credit counselor. The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults provides financial counseling for medical bills and other money problems. Call (800) 459-2227 from Dalton or Calhoun.

You may also contact Vision Credit Education for help with multiple debts, including medical, credit cards and loan accounts. Call (800) 379-4720.

A medical billing advocate service may review your bills to determine if you have been overcharged. The following companies are members with Medical Billing Advocates of America:

  • Columbus: Medical Billing Relief of America, call 706-315-5334
  • Marietta: Medical Refund Service, Inc., call 770-517-2356
  • Roswell: ARC Review Services, LLC, call 678-585-9903

You may prevent many future medical bills if you qualify to be served by free health clinics in Georgia:

Taking steps now to get the help you need with medical care and with existing medical bills can help you avoid further problems down the road. These organizations are nonprofit and serve Georgia residents.