Medical Bill Assistance


Hawaii Medical Bill Assistance

You can get help with your medical bills from qualified credit counseling organizations serving Hawaii. In Hilo, Honolulu and Wailuku you may reach CCCS of Hawaii at (808) 532-3225 for help with medical bills and budgeting. Also, Vision Credit Education can

help with medical bills as well as credit card payments.

Several debt settlement firms also serve Hawaii residents. However, you can usually settle your own medical debts without paying their high fees.

Reduced rate or free health clinics operating in Hawaii can help you avoid future medical costs if you qualify. The Kalihi-Palama Health Center provides healthcare to the homeless through 4 clinics in Honolulu:

  • HCPC Sumner Street Clinic (808) 531-6322
  • OHANA Project (808) 845-2377
  • Ka’a’ahi Street Clinic (808) 853-1700
  • Kohou Street Clinic (808) 791-6370

Medical debt does not have to threaten your finances. If most of the accounts are relatively small, they will likely never be subject to legal action. These negative accounts could damage your credit for several years though.

Hawaii has many resources where you may get assistance with low cost medical services or help with medical bills. For more information, contact your local charity for medical or financial needs.