Medical Bill Assistance


Kentucky Medical Bill Assistance

Medical bill assistance is available for Kentucky residents. The goals are to give you the healthcare that you need while providing relief from medical bills that you have already received.

We know that if you owe medical bills, there are likely several bills that are all requesting payment at the same time. This can be confusing

and it can be difficult to make all of your medical bill payments in addition to your other bills.

That is why you may be eligible for special assistance to help manage your bills so that you can improve your financial situation and continue receiving care. If you have medical bills plus other debts such as credit card payments that you are struggling with, then you may get help through Vision Credit Education. Call (800) 379-4720 throughout Kentucky to schedule a counseling session.

In Ashland you may meet directly with a counselor at CCCS of Huntington, which is a division of Goodwill. You may call (304) 522-4321.

If you still have additional healthcare needs that are not being met and you believe you meet the definition of a low-income family, you may be eligible for free healthcare services through Health Kentucky. Call the hotline at (800) 633-8100.