Medical Bill Assistance


Maine Medical Bill Assistance

Medical bills can jeopardize everything you have worked for. They add up so quickly and can take years to pay off.

In some cases, you can chip away at them for several years and eventually pay them off. More severe situations may force you into bankruptcy.

Fortunately, there are organizations located in Maine that can help

you with your medical bills. Some can even help you with continued healthcare needs.

CCCS of Maine provides financial counseling for your medical bills plus other debt. CCCS of Maine provides services in Auburn, Bangor, Biddeford, Hallowell and South Portland. Call 1-866-346-2227 for an appointment.

You can also continue to receive necessary health care without having to worry about receiving even more medical bills. Several charities provide free health clinics in Maine:

  • Call 207-753-5400 for the Bates Street Clinic in Lewiston.
  • Call 207-721-9277 for the Oasis Health Center in Brunswick.
  • Call 207-874-8982 for the Portland Street Clinic.
  • Call 207-667-7953 for the Ellsworth Free Clinic.
  • Call 207-282-1138 for the Biddeford Free Clinic.
  • Call 207-324-5762 for the Spruce Street Health Center in Sanford.
  • Call 207-929-6455 for the Leavitt's Mill Health Center in Buxton.

As you can see, Maine is well represented by service organizations that are prepared to help you deal with medical bills and continued healthcare needs.