Medical Bill Assistance


North Carolina Medical Bill Assistance

North Carolina is served by some of the most reputable nonprofit organizations that are prepared to help you with your medical bills. There are three organizations in Raleigh that provide assistance to North Carolinians drowning in medical bill debt.

Triangle Family Services has been around since 1937. Call 1-919-821-0790.

Personal Financial Network has

provided financial counseling services in Raleigh since 2002. Call 1-919-424-3819 to schedule a face-to-face counseling session.

Vision Credit Education offers face-to-face and telephone counseling to help with medical bills and other debts. Call 1-919-338-0882.

Three companies also provide medical billing advocacy services in North Carolina:

  • Edenton: Dover Medical Billing Reviews, Call 252-368-4241
  • Graham: MedBill Consultants, LLC, Call 336-266-2001
  • Pinehurst: Medical Billing Advocate of North Carolina, Call 910-295-1665

If you still need medical assistance but are being turned away because you still have outstanding medical bills, you might want to consider free or low cost medical clinics.

Urban Ministries of Wake County provides free health care services through its open door clinic and even has a food bank for related financial emergencies. Call 1-919-836-1642.

Low income households might qualify for Health Check, which is North Carolina's Medicaid program for children. NC Health Choice is another program that you might qualify for if you earn too much for Medicaid but cannot afford to purchase private health insurance. For more information, call 1-800-367-2229 for the NC Family Health Resource Line.

Debt settlement companies are probably the last resource you should consult. You would be far better off settling your own debt or getting help from a bankruptcy attorney than to join a debt settlement plan.

Don't let your medical bills wreck your finances or your health. Get the assistance you need today so that you can enjoy a better tomorrow.