Medical Bill Assistance


North Dakota Medical Bill Assistance

North Dakota is served by five locations of a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping you manage your various bills. From medical bills to loans and even credit cards, you can get assistance with your debts.

The Village Family Service Center operates Financial Resource Centers to provide you with direct individual financial counseling. Call 1-800-450-4019 to schedule

an appointment at either the Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, Jamestown or Minot office.

They can show you how you might be able to avoid a medical bankruptcy, which is a situation in which you need protection from your creditors due to high outstanding medical bills.

If you still have medical needs, then consider visiting one of the free or low-cost clinics provided throughout North Dakota. Call 701-222-6525 for Bismarck-Burleigh Nursing. For the North Dakota Association of the Disabled call 1-888-363-6323.

You can get help with your medical bills and your ongoing health care needs. These North Dakota charities receive funding to provide assistance to you even if you cannot afford normal fees.

Should you determine that you need an ally to review your medical bills for errors or overbilling, ask a medical billing advocate for help. Many work on a contingency basis, which allows you to avoid payment unless they win reductions in your medical bills.