Medical Bill Assistance


Oregon Medical Bill Assistance

Oregon, help is on the way for out-of-control medical bills. You no longer have to be a victim of threatening letters or collection calls.

There are charities in place right here in Oregon that have trained staff that is ready to meet with you and help you manage your medical bills. They will  show you what you can do to get a break from your

medical bills.

Columbia Medical Review is a medical billing advocate that can review your bills for errors. Call 503-307-7179 to request a quote (located in Portland, Oregon).

For starters, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Southern Oregon provides face-to-face counseling in Klameth Falls (Call 541-883-8118), Medford (Call 541-779-2273) and in Yreka (Call 530-841-1516).

You may also get help from Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Coos-Curry located in Coos Bay. Call (541) 267-7040 to schedule an appointment.

Finally, to continue receiving medical care without interruption due to unpaid medical bills, contact the Community Health Center. Clinics are available in Ashford, Medford and White City. Call (541) 773-3863 for more information.

Do not let unpaid medical bills threaten your health or your finances. Take action now so that you can benefit from the services of these nonprofit organizations that have a long history of serving the people of Oregon.