Medical Bill Assistance


Pennsylvania Medical Bill Assistance

Letting your medical bills accumulate could put you in worse shape down the road. You may still have options by requesting assistance from one of the nonprofit organizations that serves Pennsylvania residents.

CCCS of Western Pennsylvania provides assistance with medical and other bills through individual

counseling sessions. Call 1-888-511-2227 for an appointment in either Altoona, Butler, or Greensburg.

You may also receive assistance with your bills through CCCS of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Contact your closest location:

  • Call 800-922-9537 for Bloomsburg, Hazelton or Sunbury
  • Call 570-602-2227 for Pittston
  • Call 814-238-3668 for State College
  • Call 570-420-8980 for Stroudsburg
  • Call 570-323-6627 for Williamsport

Remember that being faced with a mountain of credit card bills and other debt does not mean that you automatically have to file for bankruptcy. Find out what you can do to regain control and protect yourself!

If you are concerned that you may have been overcharged, a medical billing advocate may be willing to take your case. There are three advocates located in Pennsylvania:

  • Landenberg: Form Scope, Ltd, Call 302-528-4251
  • Lansdowne: Medical Billing: Analysis, Review & Recovery, Inc., Call 610-764-7366
  • Sturgeon: Medical Bill Advocates of SW PA, Call 412-303-0974

Finally, make sure that you still receive the medical care that you need. Contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health for information on free health clinics. Call 1-877-724-3258.