Medical Bill Assistance


Rhode Island Medical Bill Assistance

Your medical bills can be confusing. There may be some from doctors, some from anesthesiologists and some even from the hospital. Even some outpatient providers may bill you directly depending on your procedures.

You can het help from Rhode Island charities that provide assistance

with medical bills and other debts.

Rhode Island is served by the Warwick branch of Money Management International. Call 1-866-889-9347 to speak with a counselor.

You may also receive free healthcare services at the Rhode Island Free Clinic in Providence. Call 401-274-6347.

Additionally, Medical Recovery of New England is a medical billing advocate that can review your medical bills to determine whether you were overcharged. Their location is in Newport, Rhode Island. Call them at 401-847-4141.

You can get the help you need with your medical bills, household debt and your basic healthcare needs. Take back control and never let medical bills stress you out again.