Medical Bill Assistance


South Dakota Medical Bill Assistance

When your medical bills begin to pile up, it can make paying them off seem impossible. However, you might find that there are alternatives to bankruptcy and debt settlement companies that could help you regain control of your finances.

Get help from one of the nonprofit charities that serve South Dakota. You might be surprised at how you can get back on track, even when

facing several thousand dollars in medical bills on top of your other debt.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Black Hills provides financial counseling services in Rapid City. Call 605-348-4550 for an appointment.

Lutheran Social Services can schedule an appointment at one of their locations:

  • Aberdeen: Call 605-229-5140
  • Brookings: Call 605-692-9636
  • Huron: Call 605-352-7256
  • Mitchell: Call 605-996-0868
  • Sioux Falls: Call 605-330-2700
  • Watertown: Call 605-882-2228
  • Yankton: Call 605-665-2106

Vision Credit Education provides free financial counseling sessions. Call 1-800-379-4720. This service is restricted to South Dakota residents only.

If you are putting off health care because of your existing medical bills, consider contacting Urban Indian Health to find out when their next free health screening is. Call 605-224-8841.

Your medical needs are important and so are the bills that result from them. Take the necessary steps so that you can get the assistance you need and avoid any fallout from your medical debt.