Medical Bill Assistance


Tennessee Medical Bill Assistance

Tennessee has for years carried one of the nation's highest rates of personal bankruptcy filings. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Tennessee lead the nation in personal bankruptcy filings in 1997.

While there are many fingers pointing at lax liability insurance requirements and higher rates of divorce, it has also been noted that medical debt is one of the key reasons for bankruptcy filings.

If you are suffering from your medical bills, you might want to consider getting help from a nonprofit charity that serves Tennessee.

Both ClearPoint Financial Solutions and Family Service Agency serve the Greater Memphis area. Vision Credit Education is located in NC and serves the eastern half of the state. Call 1-800-379-4720 to schedule an appointment with a financial counselor.

In addition, you might want to contact the Tennessee Department of Health to inquire about free or low-cost health clinics near you. Call 615-741-3111 to request information available for your local area.

While your medical bills can force you into bankruptcy if left unpaid, you can take advantage of counseling services that can help you with all of your bills. Find out how a new budget can get you back on track.