Medical Bill Assistance


Vermont Medical Bill Assistance

Stop letting debt collectors put pressure on you. Besides, did you ever intend to get sick?

Medical bills can come in faster than you know what to do with them. They all expect full payment immediately, but you couldn't possibly pay them all at the same time. In face, some of them you might wonder how

you ever could repay them.

If this sounds familiar, then you might want to consider financial counseling through a charitable nonprofit organization. CCCS of New Hampshire and Vermont provides individual counseling to families that have medical bills and other debts that are accumulating. Call 1-800-327-6778 to schedule a counseling session in Barre, Brattleboro, Burlington or Rutland.

In order to prevent additional medical bills, take advantage of any free or low-cost health clinics that you qualify for. The Vermont Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured provides nine basic health clinics and two dental clinics. Call 802-289-2454 to find out if you qualify.

Your medical bills do not have to ruin your finances. Get help and make sure that you do not become a victim to your medical bills.