Medical Bill Assistance


Washington Medical Bill Assistance

Are your medical bills out of control? Get assistance with managing your medical bills so that you can regain control of your finances. These nonprofit programs serve Washington:

CCCS of the Inland Northwest

provides counseling in their Spokane office. Call 1-866-889-9347 for an appointment.

Vision Credit Education provides financial counseling for medical bills as well as other unsecured debt. Call 1-800-379-4720 for a counseling session.

While these above organizations do not have a strict income requirement, you might find that the free clinics listed below may restrict services based on income:

The Free Clinic of SW Washington serves over 14,000 patients a year. Call 360-313-1390 for more information.

If you are not eligible for Medicare, then you might qualify for Basic Health. Call 1-800-660-9840 for Customer Service.

Your health and finances can suffer if you ignore your outstanding medical bills. It can be tougher to receive healthcare if you already owe your closest provider. Get help today from one of these providers. Please note that you generally must be a Washington resident in order to qualify for assistance.