Medical Bill Assistance


Wyoming Medical Bill Assistance

We know that medical bills can place an extra hardship on any family budget. Besides, you still have to pay for your living expenses as well as any other debts that you have accumulated.

Fortunately, you can receive assistance with those medical and other

debts through nonprofit charities that serve Wyoming.

CCCS of Northern Colorado and Southeast Wyoming serves Cheyenne and areas throughout Colorado. Call 1-800-424-2227 for an appointment.

Vision Credit Education serves the rest of Wyoming. Call 1-800-379-4720 for a counseling appointment. You must be a Wyoming or South Dakota resident to qualify.

Additionally, you may qualify for free or sliding scale fee based healthcare services. The Cheyenne Community Clinic and the Cheyenne Health and Wellness Center provide clinics at a single location in Cheyenne.

You may receive assistance with medical bills, but you should remember that all of your debts need to be repaid. Take advantage of these nonprofit providers serving Wyoming today.