Medical Bill Assistance


Free Medical Care

One of the best ways to avoid getting bogged down with thousands of dollars in medical bills is to avoid them altogether. If you qualify for free medical care, you can benefit from quality service provided by those who want to give back to the community.

There is a certain stigma that some people hold for free clinics. They think that it is only for poor people who cannot afford quality

medical care. The truth is that many of these families are able to do much more with less money than most of America. One way they do this is to avoid unnecessary high costs.

If you believe that you may qualify for free medical care, you should investigate which local clinics provide the types of services that you need. Each clinic specializes in certain fields of medical care, and each has a different set of qualifications for free care.

For example, if you lived in or near LaPorte County, Indiana, you could take advantage of a dental clinic offered through Laporte County Dental Services. There is a whole list of service providers that provide reduced cost and free medical care in Indiana.

On the west coast, you may benefit from a number of low cost and free health clinics in Southern California. To find what is available near you, browse the agencies that are providing medical assistance locally.

You may find that an agency is willing to serve you without pay. Many receive funding from the state, the local municipality or from nonprofit organizations such as the United Way.

Even the lower cost agencies can be a big benefit. Many times you may pay the equivalent of a copay even though you have no health insurance.

While eligibility requirements vary widely, most are set as a percentage of the local poverty level. For example, one local clinic may provide free medical care to those who earn below the poverty level. Others may allow those earning up to 200% or even 300% of the poverty level to participate. The best solution is to call the clinic and ask them what their qualifications are. Be prepared to answer questions about your family size and annual income. One phone call could save you from the hassle and frustration of a hugh medical bill that you cannot afford!