Medical Bill Assistance


Individual Health Insurance

Your medical bills may be the tip of the iceberg. If you have a history of medical problems or anticipate that you might need a medical procedure in the future, then you may need to consider health insurance. After all, it is this lack of

healthcare coverage that likely led to your financial difficulties in the first place.

Individual health insurance can be cost-effective if you are single, in reasonable health and have had a clean bill of health, so to speak. It can become very expensive if you have a history of medical problems. Additionally, individual health insurance for a family can be expensive also. The older you are, the more it costs to insure you. Furthermore, young women may find that their costs far exceed those of young men, as their rates tend to be more than double. Older men of course can expect the opposite, as their costs rise much faster than those of women as they age.

Requesting a quote from an insurance provider can give you the opportunity to find out how much health insurance will cost you. Some providers may have individual plans that are affordable, while others may charge more than you are able to pay. The benefits may be different also.

You may request a quote directly from the insurance company. Many consumers find that they prefer to contact a local insurance agency instead. The insurance agency can represent them as they seek out quotes from a number of health insurance providers. They can even help them complete the paperwork and navigate the processes of obtaining quotes, making payments and filing claims.

An alternative to obtaining individual health insurance coverage is to find a job where the employer provides group insurance to its employees. Such a possibility can be a huge savings over purchasing individual health coverage directly. Some employers will require that you pay a portion through a payroll deduction. Other employers cover the entire cost of health insurance.

Since these benefits are generally tax-free, it can offer substantial savings to employees. The employer chooses the provider and level of benefits.

If your employer does not offer health insurance, then you may want to initiate the process on your own. Going without health insurance is a gamble. Even the healthiest and able-bodied young adults may find themselves on the wrong end of a traffic accident. Your financial security could be shattered in seconds if you go without coverage.