Medical Bill Assistance


Medical Bill Grants

Medical bill grants sound like a great solution, but they are often abused by imposters that promise help for a fee. They frequently request an application fee or charge for information that they gathered from publicly available


There are some local providers that can provide cash payments toward your medical bills if you qualify. Such local organizations may be organized to promote the financial well-being of lower income residents. Many of these charities dedicate substantial resources toward providing alternatives to high-cost traditional healthcare services.

Programs that provide financial assistance towards medical bills typically have eligibility requirements. One of the most common requirements is a cap on household earnings. You generally must be considered as a very low income household in order to become eligible for direct cash payments.

To protect yourself, make sure that you are working with a local agency that you can visit. Find out what programs they have to help pay medical bills. If they do not offer financial assistance, are there other forms of help that they can provide? Many offer free clinical care, which can be a real blessing if you are already reeling from existing unpaid medical bills.

There are also certain medical bill advocates that may be able to find errors or overcharges on your bills. Most work on either a flat fee or contingency basis. Make sure you have realistic expectations of what they might be able to do for you before you pay any fees. If your situation is hopeless, then even a 20% reduction would not make a dent and could result in another debt owed. In these types of cases, you may want to speak with an attorney if you feel that you are at risk from substantial legal action by your medical creditors.

If you see advertisements for medical bill grants, you can safely ignore them. Those companies are likely scams that are looking to take advantage of you in your time of need. Many may require an upfront fee, sell you a book or otherwise provide information to you that is publicly available for free. The best bet is to take advantage of legitimate sources of medical bill assistance and ignore promises of medical bill grants.