Medical Bill Assistance


Medical Bill Help for Uninsured Patients

Do you find yourself left out of the healthcare industry simply because you lack insurance? Are you waiting for the government to provide all of your healthcare needs? You should know that there are health care options available for you, just as there is medical bill help for uninsured

patients like yourself can provide relief.

First of all, understand that many medical billers understand that there is a reasonable likelihood that you will be unable to pay all or most of your large medical bills. This is one of the reasons that medical costs are so high. It is to account for the high numbers of bad debt write offs.

Additionally, medical expenses are overstated to account for the discounting that is done for insurance companies. Health insurance carriers routinely negotiate steep discounts of 40-60% off of the stated bill. This is something you can do as well, so long as you negotiate those medical bills before they are sent to a debt collector. If you need help with this process, you may consider hiring a medical billing advocate to trim unnecessary costs and negotiate lower bills on your behalf.

If you have some money for bills but cannot begin to afford the high bills that are stacked up against you, then you may still be able to keep them out of collections through a payment plan. Payment plans for medical bills are easy to set up, or you can propose your own plan simply by sending a small amount to see if it is accepted as a monthly payment.

There are some grant programs that could potentially help with some of your med bills. The gurus that advertise these grant programs are normally a scam, so you have to understand the limits of such support. Instead, seek out the nonprofit organizations, community agencies, charities and religious groups that may lend a hand. Support may come in many forms, including any one of the following:

  1. Cash payments to medical billers
  2. Free or reduced cost through low-income health clinics
  3. Cash support for other bills such as rent or utilities

The best bet is to avoid the scammers that want to charge you for free information. Instead, find out what legitimate local resources will give you the bona fide support that you seek. The medical bill assistance that they provide is geared specifically for uninsured patients who may not necessarily qualify for Medicaid. Breathe easy, get the care you need and take advantage of bill help programs that are available to you.